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We have loved our Journey.. But for a more beautiful world we need community based agroecology in every valley. One great way of getting an idea of how we do things is a farm tour.

We always love helping as many people along the same road that we are on as possible. We now know that there is a brilliant life to be had applying permaculture, holistic management and regenerative methods to your life and land and we’d happily help you and your project along the same road. 

Farm Tours 

If your just generally interested in what we are doing, a farm tour is the best way to start. We will take about 1.5 to 2 hours to walk around our different enterprises and have a general chat about what we are doing and why, we normally get to visit our agroforestry systems, our pastured chickens, our beef and dairy cows, our beautiful low impact buildings and our no-dog market garden. You need to be able and ready to walk over rough and sometimes muddy ground. If you haven’t had enough we can have a cup of tea, some cake and chat more about our project or yours. 

Donations for Tours

We ask for donations for tours, starting from £20 for an individual or couple on a group tour to £60 for private tour for an individual/couple to £100/hour for business/academic/commercially funded projects. However this is donation based and if you are on a super tight budget you can always have a wonder round, join a tour or talk to us for free.

Group Tours

Group tours often start at 10:30am on the last Sunday of each month through March to October.  Pre booking is essential unless the individually tour listed here as going ahead. Bookings will be possible on here when available.


We are experienced in and offer consultancy, advice, mentoring and design work from £40/hr depending on how deep your pockets are and the nature of the work. We also offer a limited amount of funded mentoring through Farming Connect for land owners in Wales. This is isn’t always available but do ask if you may be eligible. 

Email us if you are interested

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