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Do you believe in magic? 

We believe a much more beautiful world is possible and we believe we should just get on with living in the world we want to. We have created a small selection of handbuilt cosy accommodations to allow you to sidestep the modern world, to light a fire, to spend time with those who matter to you, get lost in our wildlands, to tell stories, hear dawn chorus and to dream. 

Further, we love building these spaces, we love working with our imagination and hands, creating spaces we want to stay in ourselves. They are not perfect, they are actually in a woodland, they are actually handmade.. But they are beautiful, different and memory making. 

All our cabins have just the right level of comfort; wood burning stove, running water, gas hob, warm shower, private compost toilet, electric, very well insulated, comfy beds etc but its balanced to make sure that your stay is simpler, more outdoors, more connected with nature and your loved ones. 

All our bookings are currently via Airbnb


Viking Longhouse

Image 13-11-2023 at 20.17.jpeg

Wooden Yurt

Image 13-11-2023 at 20.17.jpeg


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