Learn and Celebrate with us

Courses and Events

This year we have a really exciting range of courses Each year we run a few courses on things we are into or things that go on here..

Permaculture Design, Holistic Managment, Regenerative small scale farming, Resilient Homesteading and we also have a host a range of courses in complimentary skills such as felting, horse logging, preserving, spoon carving..  Keep in touch to see what we have coming up. 

We are also looking to expand the course aspect of what we do here.. if you would like to use Henbant as a base for something you would like to share please do get in touch.

More a Learning opportunity, Less a teaching space 

The welsh have got our attitude to learning and teaching right, they have a word, Dysgy. It means both to teach and to learn..it is the same thing, we all learn from each other.

We have learnt a lot and have got quite good at teaching some of it, but we very much value the experience of everybody who visits and chooses to learn with us. 

February 3rd

Soil ecology for Growers with Niels Corfield 

May 26-29th 

Tom and Lauras Wedding

July 30th to 7th of August

Farm Scale Permaculture Design Course with Richard Perkins 

September 9th-11th 

Welsh Permaculture Gathering