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Learn and Celebrate with us

Courses and Events with Hearth @ Henbant

We have created a really beautiful but simple and rustic events space and cafe all in the  heart of one of Europes leading Permaculture inspired farms. It's a great space to teach or learn but its also a great space to use for your wedding, corporate event, party or course.

More a Learning opportunity, Less a teaching space 

The welsh have got our attitude to learning and teaching right, they have a word, Dysgy. It means both to teach and to is the same thing, we all learn from each other.

We have learnt a lot and have got quite good at teaching some of it, but we very much value the experience of everybody who visits and chooses to learn with us. 

Learn with us in 2023

We have a small selection of what we believe will be some of the worlds best and most powerful courses and workshops in Regenerative Farm Design, No-Dig Market Gardening, Permaculture, Resilient Homesteading, Agriwilding and Holistic Decision Making. 

April  12-15th:  Market Garden Masterclass with Richard Perkins 

June 30 - 9th July: Richard Perkins Regenerative Farm Design Course: Probably the worlds best course in Regenerative Farm Design and Successful Management.

September 15th -17th: Forest Gardening with Tomas Remiarz 

October 5th -8th: Resilient Homesteading with Matt and Jenny Swarbrick 

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