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Agriwilding Farm, Learning Space, Camp and Venue

Henbant is a home and a farm; it is an abundant, thriving ecosystem that produces real food whilst also building biodiversity, soil, income, resilience, and community and does so in a way that is enjoyable for all who work, live and visit. We prove that a more beautiful world is possible and we encourage others to do the same. 

Green House

A More Beautiful World IS possible.. lets make it come true

"“This is, hands down, the most magical and inspiring place we have ever stayed. Henbant is simply delightful--so many sweet touches and the handcrafted space is just the perfect place to rest. We stayed with our two kids--13 and 9--and all of us agreed it was simply the ideal place to stay. The whole farm is also amazing--we loved walking around the many acres, befriending chickens and pigs and sheep. We loved their focus on permaculture and intentional living, and we left inspired, and ready to return! Jody”"



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