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Henbant has meadows, pasture, woodland, lakes, fairies and stunning views of both sea and mountain.

We use Permaculture, Holistic Management and Agro-Ecological methods to grow veg, fruit, beef and eggs, but on a small and regenerative human scale that provides food and fuel for our home, our visitors and the local community.

As well as being productive, Henbant is a place where people can come and slow down for a while, to think about what matters in the world and what the world needs us to give back.

Come visit us, grow with us, stay with us, learn with us, eat with us...

"“This is, hands down, the most magical and inspiring place we have ever stayed. Henbant is simply delightful--so many sweet touches and the handcrafted space is just the perfect place to rest. We stayed with our two kids--13 and 9--and all of us agreed it was simply the ideal place to stay. The whole farm is also amazing--we loved walking around the many acres, befriending chickens and pigs and sheep. We loved their focus on permaculture and intentional living, and we left inspired, and ready to return! Jody”"

Learn with us in 2023

We have a selection of what we believe will be some of the worlds best and most powerful courses and workshops in Regenerative Farm Design, No-Dig Market Gardening, Permaculture, Resilient Homesteading, Agriwilding and Holistic Decision Making. 

April  12-15th:  Market Garden Masterclass with Richard Perkins 

May: Holistic Restoration/Agriwilding TBC Miriam Macdonald and Rob Owen

June 16th - 18th: New Stories For Mother Earth: A festival of workshops learning, celebrating and developing stories for the more beautiful world we know in our hearts can exist. 

June 30 - 9th July: Richard Perkins Regenerative Farm Design Course: Probably the worlds best course in Regenerative Farm Design and Successful Management.

September 15th -17th: Resilient Homesteading with Matt and Jenny Swarbrick 

Regenerative agriculture and Permaculture Farming 

 Imagine if instead of being sustainable or less damaging, all our food was produced in ways which actively created a healthy, functioning ecosystem, where biodiversity ever increased, where soil was ever built (and carbon locked down out of the atmosphere) and on farms where community could come together and healthy food could be produced.. All this is perfectly possible, we're trying to prove it can work 


 We are currently filling our 2023 calendar, get in touch if you want to hold your meeting, event or wedding at Henbant!  

Sign up for our CSA Veg Box...
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 Would you like to eat locally, regeneratively grown, soil building, no-dig veg? We have a few spaces for new members for our 2023 veg box. You can even come along and get involved in growing it with us. Read more here  x 

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 We have a very limited number of camping pitches and unique cabins. Pitches are spaced so that you may know somebody else is there but you can pretend they are not. We also have space at each pitch for you to have a campfire and really feel like your escaping to nature or stepping into the more beautiful world. Read more here. 

Pastured, organically fed, happy eggs
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 We have a happy flock of pastured hens, this means they get as much of their diet as possible from insects and herbs in our grass and are moved onto fresh ground three times a week. This also means that we are constantly building soil, locking down carbon and improving our grassland. What food they can't get from pasture they get from organic feed. Please get in touch if you want the best eggs in North Wales for your shop, restaurant or belly... 

It's 2020, it's time to save the world.. It's time to create landscapes that work for people and planet and its time to build communities that do the same. We are going to be doing a lot at Henbant this year along this journey, but it's hard to do anything more useful than planting trees with new friends, with new conversations.. Come an join us, if enough people turn up we'll make some tasty soup and will provide drinks and snacks for all.. Rock up anytime you like on one of our tree planting days over the coming few months, starting at 11am.. Don't be shy, we want you to come along!! Children are very much encouraged.. We will be planting hedges, new woodland and some amazing Silvopasture.. You don't have to know what your doing you don't have to be good at it..

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 Henbant sits 5 mins from the beach and only 20 mins from the foot of Mt Snowdon. We have lots of space for you to get lost here and lovely walks from the farm. We are also only 20 mins from the market towns of Porthmadog, Caernarfon and Pwllheli.  

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“Sitting at our back doorsteps, all we need to live a good life lies about us. Sun, wind, people, buildings, stones, sea, birds and plants surround us. Cooperation with all these things brings harmony, opposition to them brings disaster and chaos.” 
― Bill MollisonIntroduction to Permaculture

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