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We love sharing Henbant

We love sharing Henbant and a big part of our mission is to inspire as many people as possible to make the most of their lives at this crucial time on Earth. We are working hard to create a beautiful model of what we think the world needs, its a long way from finished or perfect but we would love you to visit us and see where we are on that journey. You don't need to stay here to visit (though we do ask for a small donation). 

We have a beautiful small range of handbuilt, super insulated, eco accommodation, perfect for your stay. tiny homes, hobbit houses and viking longhouse. All have wood burners, electric, gas hobs and their own hot showers and compost toilets. We provide bedding and wood already for a cosy stay in our regenerative and productive wildland. All our bookings are currently via Airbnb

We've always loved camping ourselves and so camping at Henbant is a core part of our offering as well as making the Henbant magic as accessible to as many people as possible. Many campers have become great friends and come back year after year. We have a beautiful wildland camping area with views of sunsets over the sea and sunrises over the mountains. It is not a normal campsite, we have lots of pitches hidden away in different places, cars have to stay in the car park and to some pots you will need to carry your camping kit uptown 100m (though we have wheelbarrows available). We love you to have a fire, let your children roam free across our meadows and woodlands, pick veg from our gardens, fruit from our forest gardens and orchards and eggs from our organically fed chickens. We have big dry barn space, toilets, free hot showers etc. All our bookings are currently via Hipcamp

We love our new sauna, it's so great in winter to cook yourself through to your bones, it's brilliant for your immune system anytime of year and it makes for really fun evenings in the summer. It gets super hot from its woodburner and the water barrels outside stay super cold all years round! 

A big part of our context is getting people together, telling stories, eating great food and lighting fires.. Join us for some brilliant ones this Winter. We also have an amazing collation of Courses coming up, look at our learning page. 

We designed Henbant to be shared, it's not about us, it's about a space for all of us to enjoy. We think a wedding or a meeting in such a positive inspirational space can transform your whole event. 


We want Henbant to be there to inspire everybody and for much of the year all our accommodation is fully booked. You are welcome to come and explore by yourself, see our systems, explore our woodland and streams. At the same time Henbant costs a lot more to run and maintain than people expect and so we can share with others we do ask for a donation for this. 

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