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Spring has sprung at Henbant!

Hi, I'm Rianne - one of the volunteers here at Henbant. I'll be keeping you updated on what's going on at the farm this season.

We have a lot happening, including the permaculture convergence for Wales in September! More on that later.

I'm lucky to be part of an amazing team here. We're settling into our new home and helping with jobs at this very busy time of year. There's lots of exciting projects on the go but right now we're focusing on sowing seeds and welcoming new lambs.

Sowing and growing

We're sowing plenty of seeds to get growing in time for our delicious veg boxes this summer. We're almost running out of space!

We have kale, beetroot, spring onions, cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers and plenty more for you to cook healthy, tasty meals with local, organic produce. Sound good?

Sign up for a £10 or £15 veg box and you can taste some for yourself!

Are you growing anything weird and wonderful this year? We'd love to hear from you. Join our conversation on Instagram to let us know .

Welcoming the lambs

Our brilliant intern Julie has been doing an amazing job at checking for new lambs - day and night! She makes sure that mum is bonding with baby and she feeds those that need a little extra love.

So far we have over 30 lambs gambling around on our fields, so it definitely feels like spring has sprung!

Here's Julie doing her nursing rounds...

Learning about egg mobiles

We're hoping to be bringing more chickens into the farm soon. In preparation we've moved the egg mobile (or chicken caravan as I like to call it) and added the brood we have. It was a fun night catching chickens by torch light!

I've learnt that egg mobiles are a pretty great way to keep chickens. It allows you to move them across different areas of pasture - benefitting both them (from what they eat) and the land (as they scratch up thatch and deposit manure).

This is just one example of regenerative farming that we're learning about from Matt and Jenny and I'm looking forward to discovering more.

To stay updated with what's happening with our new chickens, and everything else on the farm, please keep checking our blog!

Take care and happy seed sowing x

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