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Pastured, organically fed eggs

Possibly the best eggs you can buy

We have a quite different way of looking after our hens, one that means that much of their diet comes from herbs, seeds and insects, one where they spend all their day time outside on fresh ground (apart from the depths of winter where they much prefer cleaning up our cosy polytunnels). This means less of their food is bought in and the food we do buy in is organic. They are also part of our pasture management and help in locking down carbon by building soil.


Our hens live in lightweight portable hen houses in small flocks, egg mobiles, that get moved around our herb rich tree lined pasture and orchards three times a week. This gives us really high quality eggs that are as sustainable as eggs get. We would love to supply you with our eggs, please get in touch.

2023 Price List

Tray - Farm £11.00

Box - Farm £2.60

Tray - Wholesale £8.50

Box - wholesale £2.10


We believe that holistically managed grazing can be a net sink of greenhouse gases, can produce a rich biodiverse landscape and can produce high quality, nutrient dense food. 

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