Casglu Paramaethu Cymru - Permaculture Wales Gathering
Friday 9th to Sunday 11th of September 2022 @ Henbant, North Wales.

Tickets Now Available Here


Applying Permaculture to build the more beautiful world we know in our hearts can exist. 

An Inspiring, Enabling and Connecting Permaculture filled weekend with friends old and new on our Permaculture farm between the mountains and sea in North West Wales.

Full of workshops, talks, films, good food, fun, challenge and a chance to meet other interested permies. 

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What's going on?

  • We'll have a range of inspirational and enabling workshops and talks, both practical and theoretical. Some by inspirational people who are big names in the permaculture world, some by those who deserve to be. 

  • Some of the weekend will be a lot of fun, some will seriously take on and challenge our next steps as permaculture designers to bring the more beautiful world into greater reality.

  • Full farm tour; see our agroforestry, wildflower meadows, chicken tractor, no-dig market garden, micro dairy, time controlled grazing, holistic management methods and much more.

  • Lots of opportunity for chatting, laughing, crying, meeting new friends.

  • We'll have live music, story, films and fire on the Friday night, the same for Saturday night with some added dancing!

  • Chance to hide in a corner and read books from our extensive permaculture library. 

  • Yoga and mindfulness sessions.

  • Tours of other local permaculture inspired sites are available on the Sunday afternoon. 

  • Over too soon, or a long way to come? You're welcome to extend your weekend and camp over on the Sunday night.


What's the agenda?

We're at a point of great change, a point at which humanity and nature can fall into a negative spiral or we can take a positive step together towards a world of abundance and health. Permaculture and you have a central role to play in this transformation. We'll look at leading models from Wales and beyond of how our food, ecology, energy, health and communities can thrive with regeneration and we'll take action to make sure these examples and inspiration are accessible to everybody. 

Logistical details:

  • When to arrive?
    You can arrive from the Friday afternoon and most sessions will be over by 2pm on the Sunday, there's an option to visit other local sites and to stay over at Henbant on the Sunday night as well. 

  • What about food?
    You can bring food for yourself or to share on the Friday. The rest of your food is provided and included in your ticket price over the weekend, most will be organic and farm produced.  Please bring your own plate/bowl, mug and cutlery.  

  • Accommodation
    Camping is included in your ticket, we have some glamping available on site (speak to Henbant directly about glamping options). 

  • Public transport
    Penygroes is our nearest village with decent public transport, including the T2 bus and frequent links to the train station in Bangor and Porthmadog. We can arrange to give you a lift between Penygroes and the farm. 

Who's welcome?

  • You are!! This is NOT only for members of Paramethu Cymru/ the Permaculture Association, it's for anybody who is interested in learning more about permaculture and who would like to see a really beautiful, regenerative, permaculture inspired world come into existence. 

  • Children are very much welcome and encouraged.

About the venue:

Henbant is a permaculture inspired, holistically managed, small farm in a beautiful spot between the mountains and the sea in North West Wales. We're proving that it's possible for a small farm to produce real, nutrient dense food in a way that is financially profitable, builds soil and biodiversity, builds social capital and is enjoyable to run. We produce pasture fed eggs, run a no-dig CSA market garden, have holistically managed cattle and pigs, a beautiful campsite, meadows, agroforestry, woodlands and lakes. We are still a site in development, but we'd love to share where we've got to and hear your ideas of where we go next. 

How much does it cost and how do I buy tickets?

Tickets are available to buy here, numbers are limited so buy today!

Ticket prices

Weekend adult full income: £95

Weekend adult regular income: £75

Weekend adult concession: £60

Weekend adult subsidised: £30

Saturday adult full £60

Saturday adult standard £45

Saturday adult concession £30

Saturday adult subsidised £15

Sunday adult full £45

Sunday adult standard £30

Sunday adult concession £20

Sunday adult subsidised £10


Weekend child £15

Weekend child subsidised £8

Saturday child £10

Saturday child subsidised £5

Sunday child £5

Sunday child subsidised £3


Weekend vehicles £15

Saturday vehicles £10

Sunday vehicles £10

Please note for subsidised pricing you will have to discuss this first with us, we REALLY want everybody to attend, but we're already doing this for less than previous years. Workshop givers and invited significant contributors are invited to book at concession prices and those who are just attending for one day whilst they present can come for free. 

Want to be more involved?

If you can offer a workshop or would like to see a certain topic covered or want to help before or on the weekend then we would love you to get in touch.

Amazing Regenerative Organic Food from the farm 
Workshops and speakers to include:
  • Huw Richards  - Communicating permaculture to the masses

  • Rob Owen and Miriam McDonald - Holistic Restoration - Humans as a keystone species

  • Dan Hunt - Local zero packaging shop keeper and ex co-op store manager looks at getting permaculture into the conventional food system ​

  • Micheal Chown - 7 steps to a more beautiful world

  • Steph Hafferty - Setting up a new no dig garden in Wales 

  • Stephan Gernert- Syntropic Agriculture in temperate climates

  • Steve Jones - Community woodland​

  • Yr Osaf - local resilience based charity looking at local food, energy and community. 

  • Nim Robbins - Children in Permaculture

  • Elizabeth Westaway - Permaculture and Health

  • Olly Boon - Digital Permaculture Design

  • Gwenda Mark - Making compost toilets normal (Could be in Welsh)​

  • Seran Dolma - Creating Utopia Bach - An Artistic Edge 

  • Steph Hafferty - No-Dig gardening

  • Brian Mark  - Energy efficient house retrofits -


Jasmine Dale - someting community or connecting

Other people we could ask:

Hoppy or Tao?  - living a significantly lower impact life

Local worm compost chap

Practical Workshops to include:
Willow structures, yoga, nature based mindfulness, heating your home with Jean-Pan Compost
Full Farm Tour to include:
Agroforestry, Holistically managed grazing, green hay meadow, no-dig market garden, micro dairy, roundhouses and glamping units.
 Tours of other local sites to include: Felin Uchaf, Tyddyn Teg
Children's Area and workshops 
With Music from:
  • Eve Goodman,

  • Sue and Richie...

  • Jeff and Bettina Hughes

  • Twmpath (Covid allowing)

  • Sam Robbinson?

  • Bethan?

  • and your welcome to contribute too

Please note, this lineup is all provisional and is likely to change
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Is this what they mean by multi species
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