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We're a big fan of permaculture at Henbant, it's a core part of our reason for starting Henbant and it forms a central part of everything we are doing. We have, with permaculture also embraced a range of tools here, holistic management, planned mob grazing, agroforestry, regenerative agriculture. 

Everything we do is based around a permaculture design framework but I think it is embracing the core ethics and principles into our daily lives combined with Holistic Decision Making that really makes the difference.  

Matts Diploma Journey

Matt is also currently studying for his Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design and is going to use this part of our website and the blog to summarise and documenting this 


Holistic management helps in lots of ways but determining your holistic goals is key to this. It helps us remember why we are here and if by considering our goals every time we make a decision we should stay more on track with what really matters to us.. Here are our Holistic Goals:

• We have time to enjoy each other, not get stressed and stay healthy

• We have an abundant and productive farm with healthy soil

• We have a diversity of visitors to the farm and the farm becomes valued by them in their lives

• We have a stable, sufficient income

• We live purposeful lives we can be proud of and we make the world a better place


To achieve this we apply the permaculture principles of people care, fair share and earth care in everything we do.


We are very keen to be part of a thriving and abundant permaculture landscape here in North Wales and in February   2017 we hosted the first of many gatherings bringing together people interested in Permaculture in North West Wales, we now meet every quarter and have other related get togethers, we would LOVE to have more people get involved. please get in touch with us to find out more.  

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