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Regenerativley grown, no-dig veg boxes

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After lots of thinking we realised that one of the best things we can do to be part of a healthy, regenerative community is to produce healthy, soil and ecosystem building vegetables and salad.


We are using a growing method called no-dig which involves only ever feeding the soil from above, with minimum disturbance to all the life of the soil, this means we get richer, healthier soil life that gives more nutrient rich, healthier veg. We are also using forest gardening methods and agroforestry to encourage insects and trees and perennials into our market garden thus creating a more fulfilled ecosystem.

Our standard box for 2022 will be £17/week and we will also do a smaller £12.50 box. We will provide you with a wonderful  mix of seasonal veg from June to Christmas. We produce nearly all the veg box ourselves, but early in the season and occasionally if we mess up we will buy in Organic produce or sustainably sourced local produce to supplement your box.  Delivery is £2.50

Click here to sign up

you can pay cash for your first box and then set up a  standing order

Each week you get a good quantity of regeneratively grown veg. We give you a minimum of 8 different seasonal things and most likely more. In a way to give you some variety and choice every week. We'll make sure you get enough of each that you can really make great meals with them.   

Each week we will  have lots of things you can add on, like our organically fed, pastured eggs or some of our 100% pasture fed lamb or beef. 

We have our veg boxes ready for collection on Thursdays from the farm and though we encourage you to collect, dependent on your location we will probably also be able to deliver for £2.50. 

We are encouraging this to be a real community thing so if you want to come and get involved in growing with us, come along on Mondays to help in the garden or contact us to come and help any day that suits you.

Is it organic? We are not certified organic, but we are only tiny and have many small projects that makes certification hard, we follow all the same principles and in many ways go beyond organic. We are chemical free and regenerative. 

 We ask you to sign up for a month at once with prepayment. You can fill in the form by clicking below or call or email us..


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