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100% Pasture fed beef and lamb

Ruminants have been given very bad press over the past few years, in the case of animals fed on imported feed stocks this is quite correct, but it does not give us chance to see the great good that can come from eating 100% pasture fed animals, especially where that pasture is managed organically and with time controlled grazing. Here is a very different food with a very different, very positive environmental impact. 

Time controlled grazing of organic pastures offers not only a food hard to beat by taste and nutritional density it also offers a food that comes from sunshine, via a healthy, flourishing ecosystem that is carbon negative. 

We produce a small amount of high quality pasture fed meat each year. We sell all our sheep meat and beef in 10Kg meat boxes, as  hogget @ £12/kg, mixed @ £13/kg and pure beef at £14/kg.  We tend to sell on a first come first served basis and we aim to produce one batch of meat per month. Our meat comes packaged for the freezer and fresh straight from our butcher..

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