Henbant Permaculture is looking for new team members…

Henbant is a beautiful, small, permaculture inspired and holistically managed farm between the mountains and the sea in North West Wales. We believe it is possible to work with nature and create a whole farm ecosystem that produces veg, meat, eggs, milk and fruit and nuts in a way that feeds our local community and produces a profit financially, ecologically and socially… all whilst we enjoy it.  If we can prove this works then we can make the world a significantly better place. We need a few people with enthusiasm, joy in their heart and a strong back to join us on this journey.


Fancy growing organic no-dig veg for the local community? Building a beautiful classroom and café to teach permaculture or a timber framed barn for a cow-calf dairy? Teaching regenerative agriculture and living skills? Holding a space for others to come and experience these systems? Developing some of the UK’s most interesting agroforestry and food forest systems? Or running our animals, a pastured hen laying flock, a small calf at foot dairy and a small beef herd? Managing direct sales of all this to our local community..


The farm can look like chaos, yet we are quite a planned out, ambitious, busy and professional environment. If we are to prove that there is a way of farming with nature in a way that can out compete current conventional models then we need to be switched on and hard working.


Opportunities: Paid, Voluntary or Kickstart.. 

There is a gap between people who have some hands on experience and learning in agroecology, permaculture and regenerative agriculture but who aren’t yet ready to take on management roles in bigger farm systems or don’t yet feel quite ready to run their own enterprise. We have taken people this past year in similar positions, given them the space to manage parts of Henbant and they have gone off into good management roles or to run their own enterprises. 


We are thus offering paid and volunteer based positions. Paid roles are for those that are already on this path with proven ability, passion and competence but just want a bit of experience actually managing a farm or running an enterprise. We will hold your hand, but YOU are running the enterprise. Our voluntary roles are still in very high demand you also have to prove that you are on a dedicated path but want to learn more, gain hands on experience and are willing to work hard. 


We all get involved in every enterprise, and ultimately all our roles are to work to make the farms context more true and keep all things running well. No job is not your job. It helps however if we can have clear roles that people take responsibility for, lead with and prefer. 


The current roles on farm are:


Market Garden/CSA: Managing a 60 share veg box scheme and established no-dig market garden with 1600m2 of bed space. This involves planning, growing, weeding, harvesting, distribution and customer relations. 


Building and maintenance: We are creating numerous spaces that support what the farm is trying to achieve. Creating some inspiring spaces, café, sauna, classroom, dairy barn, seed start space, more accommodation for the farm team. Most of this is using natural building methods, but we do have the odd concrete floor or block wall where it is more appropriate. 


People (this role won’t be a full time/paid role till March ‘22): We have a small camping and glamping site and over winter plan to establish our Permaculture Café and sort out a really inspirational range of courses and community events for 2022. This will be the Hearth @ Henbant Project.. This will involve keeping the spaces nice, cleaning some spaces communicating with people and coming up with and organising great events. 


Animals: We have a small holistically managed beef herd who move around our agroforestry systems as well as a small calf at foot dairy herd (currently just for household use) and a small pastured laying hen flock. Daily work involves moving and checking animals, milking and bottling, collecting and packing eggs and pasture and fence management. 


Agroforestry: We have some leading but developing silvopasture and agroforestry systems. Over autumn/winter we want to really expand on these and add in other food forest areas. This will involve planning/designing, clearing land, planting, propagation and fencing.


Some details:

  • We would ask you to commit to at least Christmas and would start as soon as you are available. We can work the rest out organically.

  • Your primary role is to always make the farms holistic context more true. 

  • We work hard five days a week, normally 9-5 but we have decent breaks. Some jobs out of those hours (harvest day starts early, chickens need attention at dawn and dusk). About one weekend in four (on a rotation) we will ask you to work the weekend and take days off from the week.

  • We eat really well on mainly farm produced and organic food that is communally cooked and eaten. 

  • You will live amongst a small community of us all learning, working and building together. You will to have to be a harmonious part of this team.

  • We have regular learning, training and discussion sessions in permaculture, ecology, small scale regenerative farming.

  • These are all physically demanding roles.

  • We need intelligent, self-starting people who will be able to use what they learn here to go forward apply it. 

  • We have zero tolerance on drugs and very low tolerance on grumpiness and negativity. 

  • Accommodation varies but you will have your own private, cosy, space. 

  • This is a life enhancing opportunity for the right person. 


Matt Swarbrick (who lives at Henbant) is one of the mentors on Richard Perkins new Regenerative Farming Masterclass, a permaculture teacher and a mentor for Welsh Government for farmers wanting to apply permaculture and Regen-Ag to their farms. 


Whilst here you will have the opportunity to: Plant and propagate trees; Build a barn; Cook organic food for big groups; Grow your own food; Milk a cow; Build your own holistic context; Swim in the sea; Coppice a tree; Kill a chicken; Slate a roof; Drink spring water; Plan and implement a agroforestry system; Sleep in a woodland roundhouse; Make cheese; Learn permaculture; Help run a regenerative enterprise; Live in a community; Meet loads of other really interesting people; Take positive action to living in a more beautiful world.


These roles could also be paid for under the governments kick start job scheme if you are under 24 and claiming universal credit. Extra roles may be available for people fitting this space..


To apply please email matt@henbant.org telling us a bit about yourself, what you hope to get from the role and why we should pick you. Extra brownie points if you make us a short video or can speak welsh.


Big love to you all, Team @ Henbant 

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