Paid roles

Farm Manager/Market Gardener

We will be recruiting for somebody to be our farm manager for 2022, you will mainly run the Market Garden whilst sharing responsibility for other farm enterprises (dairy, beef, agroforestry and pastured eggs) and include some teaching. We see this is as a great stepping stone role for a relatively experienced but incredibly driven person to make the role change into paid farm management and to hold genuine responsibility. Accommodation, food and modest income provided. 

Kick Start Jobs Scheme

We have one more role available within the governments kick start jobs scheme, if you are under 24, unemployed, hard working and looking for work in farming/gardening or building then please get in touch. 

Volunteering and Internships

We believe that it is essential for us to share what we are doing with as many as possible, indeed part of Henbant's core purpose is to be a space where people can learn and also take a pause from the world to think about what matters and what they want to give to the world.  

One of our major routes of doing this is by having people spend time with us, helping with our projects, learning how to run a farm or project similar to Henbant.


We recruit over winter for a full summer team, but we also often have space for people on a shorter term basis. Everybody on farm is expected to work hard, but we eat well, have fun and we try to make sure that everybody takes away the learning and experience that they want from their time here. 

We have found most of  our long term team for 2021, but next years advert will probably look very similar.. and we are ALWAYS interested in hearing form others who want to be involved.


January 2021..

Henbant is a beautiful, small, permaculture inspired and holistically managed farm between the mountains and the sea in North West Wales. We are creating an abundant ecosystem that provides food and fuel for the farm and our wider community and a space where people can come and work out what they need from the world and what they can offer back. The farm is becoming a working model of what a farm in the more beautiful world we know in hearts can exist would actually look like.


This year we are looking for a team of people to help us with our projects: livestock (Holistically managed cattle and sheep, pastured laying hens and our house cow); No-dig CSA veg box scheme; our agroforestry systems, woodland and tree propagation. We are also in need of help in building and establishing our regenerative food café, library and teaching space. We also have low impact buildings, yurts and a campsite for guests. Everybody on farm gets involved in every enterprise but ideally we are looking for:


  • Market Garden Assistant (working no-dig garden, looking after other trees, plants and gardens)  

  • Animal Husband (moving chickens, cattle and sheep, milking cow, collecting eggs); 

  • Building Bod (helping to build a café, veg processing shed, sauna and who knows what else); 

  • People Person (helping with courses, café, guests – generally keeping everybody happy)..  


You would be on a dedicated path to a life of regenerative farming or low-impact(ish”) builder. You will be hard working, intelligent, enthusiastic, people and nature loving and positive. 


Your job role is essentially to help the farms context become more true.


The ability to drive, lift heavy things and speak Welsh is an advantage.. 


Boring and Covid Compliant.. 

We have a small population of ~15 people on the farm and so are quite a big bubble; this means that lockdowns etc are not so bad, we ‘almost’ have own social scene.. But it does mean that you have to be able to respect lockdown guidance and be content to work within the farms social bubble. We also have a no-drugs policy. You will be expected to eat a mainly farm produced diet. 



We have already filled our paid rolls for the season, these will help make your time here well informed and make sure that what we are doing is of a high quality. If you are under 25 and are currently claiming job seekers support it is possible we could offer you employment under the Quick Start Jobs Scheme. For the rest of you, we can offer a fun, outdoors, healthy way of living; wholesome mainly home produced and organic food, accommodation and lots of experience, conversation and training on the cutting edge of regenerative and permaculture farming and living.

We will ask you to work a 9-4 ish day, 5 days a week.. with some earlier starts (chickens!!) and a decent lunch break and lots of cups of teas and pauses for chats along the way.. We do work hard, but we do have a good time and we do have lots of time to do extra things on top.. 

Matt Swarbrick (who lives at Henbant) is one of the mentors on Richard Perkins new Regenerative Farming Masterclass and a mentor for Welsh Government for farmers wanting to apply permaculture and Regen-Ag to their farms. We also have Stefan Genert who will be running the market garden this season and is a farm coach and fruit tree expert. At the farm this year we are running a series of courses on using Permaculture and Ecology to making small farms work and on Permaculture and Resilient homesteading. In September we are hosting the Welsh National Permaculture Convergence.


Whilst here you will have the opportunity to: Plant and propagate trees; Build a barn; Cook organic food for big groups; Grow your own food; Milk a cow; Build your own holistic context; Swim in the sea; Coppice a tree; Kill a chicken; Slate a roof; Drink spring water; Plan and implement a agroforestry system; Sleep in a woodland roundhouse; Make cheese; Learn permaculture; Help run a regenerative enterprise; Live in a community; Meet loads of other really interesting people; Take positive action to living in a more beautiful world.


Send us an email ( telling us a bit about you and why you would like to be involved. Ideally we are looking for people who can commit to the full season (March-Oct) but please talk to us ask if this doesn't suit you... 

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