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Get Involved.. 

Henbant is a people centred and powered farm, in many ways growing people is our most important job. We have different ways you can get involved.

We have two volunteer days a week, Mondays all day and and Wednesday After lunch

Our weekly volunteer day, come along from 10am on Mondays and join us for some lunch at 1300

Usual activities are helping in the garden, weeding, planting and harvesting, along with various other farm activities are such as fedging, mowing turning compost etc and most importantly chatting. 

Over Winter - Jan till March

We have community tree planting every other Sunday keep an eye on our Facebook for the exact dates. 

Joining the Henbant Team

We take volunteers through out the year on various timescales and each spring we take on interns who ideally commit to a whole season on the farm learning a bit about all the different enterprises. 

If you are passionate about regenerative agriculture and want to gets some hands on experience please read the full volunteer page and fill in the form

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