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We love having a vibrant, energetic and eager to learn team on the farm, do you want to be part of building a beautiful future? Time at Henbant can teach you much more than going veg, moving cows and planting trees, it's a whole life experience.  

Henbant Permaculture is currently working out its 2024 Core Team and Volunteer placements 

​We have a very ambitious year ahead and have a few spaces available for extra people to join our team.

To apply, please read the below carefully and fill out this form 


Henbant is a beautiful, small, permaculture inspired and holistically managed farm between the mountains and the sea in North West Wales. 

We are on a mission to prove that you can buy a small farm on a mortgage, pay for it through producing nutrient dense foods, build soil, build biodiversity, build social capitol and at the same time enjoy it. If we can prove this works then we can do our bit at making the world a slightly better place. Proving this isn’t easy however, if we are to out compete the conventional system we need to be organised, optimistic and hard working. 

We are looking for a team of people to join us on this mission: livestock (Holistically managed cattle, woodland pigs, pastured laying hens and a few house dairy cows); No-dig CSA veg box scheme; our agroforestry systems, woodland and tree propagation. We are also in need of help in building. We also have low impact buildings, yurts and a campsite for guests. Everybody on farm gets involved in every enterprise but ideally we are looking for people who are particularly excited about being:


·    Market Garden Assistant (working no-dig garden, looking after other trees, plants and gardens) 

·    Silvopastoralist (looking after the agroforestry rows and fruit trees, moving chickens, cattle, milking cow, collecting eggs); 

·    Building Bod (helping to build a propagation house, cabin and roundhouse); 

·    People Person (helping with courses, camping and glamping, café, guests – generally keeping everybody happy).

You would get to experience food from sowing the seed and delivering a calf, through to cooking and serving that to garden full of excited guests. 

You may feel you fit a blend of the above roles. You would be on a dedicated path to a life of regenerative farming, chefing or low-impact building. You will be hard working, intelligent, enthusiastic, people and nature loving and positive. 

Your job role is essentially to help the farms context become more true. No job is not your job. 

The ability to drive, have a growth mindset, lift heavy things and speak Welsh is an advantage.. 


We are currently working out some kind of profit share system for those who are involved in Henbant in the longer term and our lead roles are paid. Seasonal or shorter roles are however on a voluntary basis. We can offer a fun, outdoors, healthy way of living; wholesome mainly home produced and organic food, accommodation and lots of experience, conversation and training on the cutting edge of regenerative and permaculture farming and living.


Whilst here you will may the opportunity to: Plant and propagate trees; Build a barn; Cook organic food for big groups; Grow your own food; Milk a cow; Build your own holistic context; Swim in the sea; Coppice a tree; Kill a chicken; Slate a roof; Drink spring water; Plan and implement a agroforestry system; Sleep in a woodland roundhouse; Make cheese; Learn permaculture; Help run a regenerative enterprise; Live in a community; Meet loads of other really interesting people; Take positive action to living in a more beautiful world.

To apply please fill out this google form.

For the core team ideally, we are looking for people who can commit to the from at least early march till the end of September but please talk to us about what works for you. 


Some details for voluntary or internship roles at Henbant

·    You would have to commit to at least a month, we take most people for three to six months. We can work the rest out organically. 

·    Your primary role is to always make the farms holistic context more true. 

·    We work hard five days a week, normally 08:45 - 5 but we have decent breaks. Some jobs out of those hours (harvest day starts early, chickens need attention at dawn and dusk). About one weekend in six (on a rotation) we will ask you to work the weekend and take days off from the week.

·    We eat really well on mainly farm produced and mainly organic (the odd bit still comes from lidl) food that is communally cooked and eaten. 

·    You will live amongst a small community of us all learning, working and building together. You will to have to be a harmonious part of this team.

·    We have regular learning, training and discussion sessions in permaculture, holistic management, ecology, small scale regenerative farming.

·    These are all physically demanding roles.

·    We need intelligent, self-starting people with a growth mindset who will be able to use what they learn here to go forward apply it. 

·    We have zero tolerance on drugs and very low tolerance on grumpiness and negativity. 

·    Accommodation varies but you will have your own private, cosy, space. 

·    This is a life enhancing opportunity for the right person. 


Matt Swarbrick (who lives at Henbant) is one of the mentors on Richard Perkins new Regenerative Farming Masterclass, a permaculture teacher and a mentor for Welsh Government for farmers wanting to apply permaculture and Regen-Ag to their farms. 


To apply please fill out the google form telling us a bit about yourself, what you hope to get from the role and why we should pick you.


To apply please fill out this google form.


Big love to you all, Team @ Henbant.

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