Henbant, for people, place and planet*

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Give us a call: 01286 660 761

FAQ and About us


What are your plans?

We want Henbant to be a sustainable small farm that feeds and provides the fuel for those here and for some of the community around us, we also want it to be a model of how we think the future needs to be, more people working the land and at a slightly slower pace of life.

We want to mix the good and wise old ways of doing things with not being afraid to think how to do things better and in new ways.

We are looking a lot into traditional small farming methods, crofting methods and new ways such as renewables and permaculture.

Can I volunter?

Probably, it depends on what we have got on and who is allready around, but we do love to share what we are doing and we do love volunteers... so ask us!

Who lives at Henbant?

At the momment the only people living at Henbant is Matt, Jenny and our daughter Nel, read more about us below

Where abouts are you?

We are on the north east corner of the Llyn Peninsula, just inland from Clynnogfawr

Henbants story and History

Henbant Bach and Henbant Fawr have been here since the last ice age and the ancient hill forts all around Henbant signify that people have lived in this landscape since sparrows have sung.

The farm buildings as they currently are have been here since the early 1700’s with the current farm house being built circa 1840. For a long time there were two small farms here, Henbant Bach, and Henbant Fawr. In about 1940/1950 Henbant Fawr was turned into a gravel quarry and in the 1960's Henbant Bach became a hideaway for Hippies..

Nobody has lived here since the early 70's when the quarry was closed and since then trees and ponds have formed and matured over the quarry and the only footsteps around the house have being those of sheep.

We bought Henbant in August 2012 and want to make it a wonderful place for people to visit, learn and relax.


Since I was about 11 I wanted to be a cross between Tom from The Good Life, David Attenbourgh and the shark expert from Jaws.. I became a Marine Biologist, for a while and worked all over the shop, mainly in wet and windy places which led me to doing my PhD on Seal and Penguin Behaviour, it was brilliant to spend four years looking through just one tiny window into ecology but I wanted variety of Windows to peer though and I joined the BBC where I was lucky enough to work on Planet Earth, Coast, Country file, Life and Frozen Planet.

Whilst working on Frozen Planet I spent a lot of time seeing how much damage to the world Humans have done and I wanted to do something more proactive to help mitigate our footprint, for the past few years I have being working in Renewable Energy.

Henbant is the next stage, it's partly a nest for me to have a family and to have friends around us but much more than that its place to learn how we can live much simpler lives with much smaller footprints that are more in tune with nature.


I am a Warry bird, Warrington born and bred. As such I spent many a happy summer holiday as a child running around on the beach at Llandudno fishing off the pier in Criccieth, and swimming in the sea around North Wales. I have always wanted to live somewhere where I feel like I'm on holiday so North Wales was the ideal option.

After studying geology at Leeds University I grew a love for the outdoors and went on to work for the environment agency in Warrington and then Buckley. Happily driving up and down the A55 checking all the rivers and bathing water were clean and healthy.

On meeting Matthew I was swept off my feet and down to Bristol where after working in Flood Defence at the environment agency we moved into the world of renewable energy. Bristol is a wonderful friendly sustainable forward thinking city but we both had a dream of life in our field and we needed to find it. After a long time of searching Henbant is everything we have ever dreamed of and so much more.

We don't pretend we are going to live here happily ever after for ever but we are definitely going to try, and we genuinely want people to come and share this with us along the way. It's too big for the two of us we'll get lost here on our own.


Nearly Wild Camping

camp fire at henbant

We've joined forces with a brilliant welsh goverment inititive to encourage people to camp off the beaten pitch

Read more Camping at Henbant here

nearly wild camping

and more about the Nearly Wild Camping Project here


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Live simply so others may simply live

Henbant Bach is a seabear project. Henbant Bach Farm, Tain Lon, Clynnogfawr, Caernarfon, Gwynedd LL54 5DF. 01286 660761